12 Week Bikini Body
Transformation Package

  • Custom fat loss nutrition plan
  • 12 week training plan
  • Personalised for all ages
  • Tricks that target weight loss and get you toned!
  • Email support to achieve real results
  • Monthly updates and check in if needed
  • Fun, fast and effective exercises under 45min
  • See results & have tighter stomach in just 1 week!
  • Full Menu with options and recipes!
  • Learn what and when to eat
  • Eat tasty meals that burn fat & speed up your metabolism
  • Turn your body into a fat burning machine!
  • List of secret supplements of bikini models!


12 Week Bikini Program for Only $47 USD
was $397












My Client Transformations
This Could Be YOU!



Vlatka is such an incredible coach in every single way.

When I decided I was going to compete in my first ever WBFF bikini competition Vlatka took me under her wing & provided me with the most incredible diet & training program ever! She emailed me a new one weekly, supported me daily towards achieving my goals & was always there for me in any questions that I had throughout my journey.

Vlatka even did a couple of Zoom sessions with me to coach me on WBFF posing and looked at all the outfits I chose to get me ready for the WBFF stage in Beverly Hills.

I have never felt this happy & fit ever before in my health & lifestyle! I consider myself a person who already does live and breathe a health lifestyle but Vlatka helped me refine even more areas that I didn’t even know would make sure a difference and they truly did! I now feel fitter & stronger than ever before. I feel clearer in my mind, body is balanced and I am excited to set new goals with Vlatka from this moment on.

I am so happy to have achieved 1st place in Commercial Model, received 2 medals & a 3rd place trophy for Diva Bikini Model & a certificate of qualification to compete in WBFF Worlds next year!!! So excited & happy & it’s all thanks to Vlatka for helping me with her amazing, simple & easy to follow programs!

I am very committed towards achieving goals & I believe Vlatka is the best coach ever! I have done a lot of programs in my far & none have produced the results that Vlatka’s programs have helped me achieve! I couldn’t be happier in my body and skin! I am so happy I am now following Vlatka’s amazing programs & I recommend them to anyone! Vlatka is amazing & such a helpful, friendly supportive coach to the core!

💖Mary Leaf🎀


I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would get to where I did with my fitness especially after having our beautiful girl Sofia who is now 4.

Let alone ever being able to step up on stage at a fitness competition as I never had much confidence with my body even before I had my little girl!!But with hard work, determination and an amazing nutritional cleansing system I made it!! I made my dream come true!! Not once was hungry or felt like I was starving myself which I was actually really scared about. But my body had the best nutrition and that really showed. Having my amazing Coach / Trainer is what made this all come together and I am forever grateful to Vlatka Psomadellis. She was there to push me further when I thought I couldn’t keep going!! I’m so blessed to have found you as my coach/PT!! Also had the most supportive partner who also always believed in me and stood by my side the whole way through thank you baby.

Nat Monaigry


37kg down and ready to smash whatever stands in my way!!

What an incredible journey I have had! Especially during this prep with Vlatka!! I have been pushed, motivated and determined to reach my goals, thanks to V!! I have developed as a person and I have finally reached one of my goals of walking the WBFF stage – in Bikini and Fitness classes!!! I have never been so excited! I have wanted to give up so many times but have continuously pushed through with help and the courage to continue with V!!! She has helped me develop as a person and continue to push myself!!



Life is amazing thanks to Vlatka.

I am so lucky to have such an amazing coach and friend. Vlatka has helped me in so many ways, I feel so healthy and happy and I love seeing results!! I always look forward to our PT sessions twice a week, V motivates and inspires me so much and makes our training sessions so fun! I love our killer squat sessions and love the results ! I cannot wait to make my dream come true and step on WBFF stage this year!



The diet is great, never hungry and always a little different!

The results speak for themselves! Vlatka is amazing. She knows the body better then anyone i know. She has been nothing but supportive over the last year since i started with her and our training sessions are filled with so much laughter! The diet is great, never hungry and always a little different! Vlatka always has new and interesting exercises for me as well so training is too much fun. Not only is she my PT but my inspiration to work harder and i cannot wait to reach my goals with her guidance!



I’ve gone from a larger size 12 to an 8 with Vlatka!

I can not tell you how much training with V has changed my life. When I first messaged V I was feeling less than excited about myself, after gaining 23kg with my 2nd son & having another C section I was struggling to keep up the motivation to train & I needed someone to help keep me accountable as well as inspire me to keep going. V’s sessions are always fun & my results started straight away. I’m 29 years old with 2 boys & I don’t think I have ever been happier with my body. Mentally I feel like I could take on the world, I can not wait for summer & for the first time in my life I have a bikini addiction ❤ Seafolly is taking over my wardrobe. My next goal with V is to compete in the WBFF Gold Coast Show next April, I have never worn a bikini in public before so why not start in front of thousands of people Im so excited to keep training & better my results, I can not thank V enough for taking me on and being such an amazing trainer & friend, I owe my new happiness to her.



My stomach has never been this flat, my booty has never been as peachy and my confidence has never been higher!

I approached V about three years ago for a PT session and when I couldn’t walk for three days after our first booty session I was hungry for more. So I purchased her 12 Week Bikini Transformation program and only just recently started being more consistent with our PT sessions, smashing out 3 one hour sessions per week and the results have been amazing! I’ve had close to 4 personal trainers over the past 3 years, and V is hands down the only trainer that gets me the results I want in the time frame I want. My booty and legs and tummy have been my struggle areas, but as soon as I started V’s diet she started pushing my body to it’s absolute limits in PT, I started to become more at ease with the body i saw in the mirror. Having V notice every little change in my body each week and telling me how proud she is to see my progress gives me the motivation to be consistent with my diet and to work harder and harder for my goals, particularly my goal to compete as a bikini Diva at WBFF in early 2015. I’m so excited to start prep with V again and watch my body go through an even bigger transformation. Vlatka is one in a million and I am so proud to call her my coach! And the best thing is that V doesn’t treat you as her client, but as a friend and someone you can genuinely count on. I often say that I feel my best when i’m training with V because she supports me throughout all aspects of my life including training of course! She has been a shoulder to lean on when things go pear shaped and always helps me overcome obstacles with uni, my social life and relationships! Life is pretty damn peachy when you have V around! I cannot wait for 2015 and to continue my training with V now and well into the future!



After 10 weeks of following Vlatka’s diet plan, I have dropped 3.2 kg from 60.6 kg to 57.4 kg.

Vlatka’s support and encouragement throughout my health and fitness challenge has assisted me to achieve my goals. I have increased my lean mass and dropped body fat considerably. Personal training allowed me to learn new exercises, improve technique, and posture. I attended Vlatka’s boot camp sessions on a weekly basis which allowed me to gain muscular endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness along with meeting new girls.


12 Week Bikini Program for Only $47 USD
was $397

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