Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Change is something you need to adapt to…

Change….is something you need to adapt to in order for your body to improve! You can’t expect to have a killer body without introducing some daily adjustments. Especially if you are a beginner!

So many girls come to see and say I’m their inspiration and they want to have a lean, nice body! After asking them a number of questions I need, to design their personalized fitness plans, sometimes I hear that their new plan looks “too much” or is just out of their comfort zone.

Don’t give up before you even start!

You will need to introduce some structure, meal prep, training time and planning if you want a killer body!

Change is a good thing!! Especially if it’s for the better!

Before you know it you will master your new lifestyle and not only love it but be so proud of your own efforts!

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